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Most probably there's code in one or more scripts that is causing channels to hang.  The first thing you should do is look at the file fwstart.log.  Are there any errors that would point you to the cause of the problem?  If not, then follow the procedure below:
While you are troubleshooting this problem I recommend that you disable the Run as Service and Hide Channels options in the FoxWeb Control Center.  You will need to restart FoxWeb for your changes to take effect.  Once you restart you should be able to see the FoxWeb icon in the tray area of the task bar, as well as separate icons for each channel in the task bar.
You can open the channel status window by right-clicking on the tray icon and selecting Channel Status.  You should also be able to click on the channel icons to view the VFP windows for each channel.
Once you experience the problem again, please check the status of the channels and inspect the various windows to see if there any hints that would help you identify the problem.  Look for open dialog windows or anything else that would halt execution of a script.

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Sent by Stephen Ames on 06/02/2004 08:05:15 AM:
My site has never been busier than today and even though I have stopped and restarted the Server and Foxweb we are still getting the "Foxweb Broker Timed Out" error. I have turned off our main referrer so that the traffic has reduced a lot but still no good.
Any ideas.