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If possible, I strongly recommend ditching the frames for what you're talking about.  You'll have far more control and far fewer problems to solve if you simply build a single web page with all three sections (header, menu, body) in that one page. 
You can do this very easily with tables, although using CSS is a better way to go these days.
I've done a lot of pages that depend on frames, and I am now spending a lot of time converting old pages away from frames.  The benefits are many, many, many...both to you and your users.
ps.  I'm not slamming frames entirely...they have their place, but generally not in a complex, dynamic site like you describe.

David Hempy
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Kentucky Educational Television
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Sent by jijo david on 05/10/2004 06:31:17 AM:
Thanks very much for detailed and informative reply.
I will explain the situation , I have three frames in one page (mymainpage.fwx), one frame in the top of the page, that holds  the information about my company, company logo, login button ,logout button. in the left hand side frame I am going to have one tree view menu(I have not got the menu yet, still looking for one). To operate any of the menu item user has to login with a valid user name(Auth.userid) and password, after the successful login the top frame should display the username, it should get refreshed whenever user changes his ID, The third frame in the middle of the page is for the data entry, based on the menu selection(left hand side form).
 hope my requirement is clear , pls advice me how can I do that?