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There is a free program named "fly" that can do this.  It will generate images "on the fly" (hence the name) entirey from a command line.  I completely forget the syntax, but you can call something like this:
 fly.exe sample.jpg circle (red 300,300 200) line (red 100,100 400,400)
...and it will generate a file named sample.jpg with a red circle slashed by a red line. 
It won't be as pretty as a commercial charting application, but it can be a handy tool.  Search the web for "fly image generator gd".


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Sent by J. Jansen on 05/11/2004 03:03:09 PM:
I am making a programm, using Foxpro and Foxweb.
But some of the data (temperatures and the use of energy) I want to show in a graph.
Is this possible? What kind of program do I need to use for that?
it must be quick and the graphs must be "nice"