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Hopefully, there's an eaier answer for you than what we found.  But just in case...
Our little company wanted to display reference maps related to a user's queries.  Unfortunately, the map images couldn't be static (i.e. an unchanging graphic image of a map) to represent the data being asked for.  So rather than pay fees to MapQuest and the like, we looked into making our own.  What we ended up doing was creating a java class library that would use Sun's Advanced Graphics Library along with our own data files to create graphics on the fly.
Now, how did we interface that with FoxWeb/FoxPro?  Our FoxWeb script would create a java server page file (filename.jsp) with HTML and a JSP function invocation:
<H1>Show Graphic!</h1>
<jsp:include page="/servlet/MultiPlot">
<jsp:param name="var1" value="12345" />
<jsp:param name="var2" value="A" 
we would then redirect the foxweb script to the newly created .jsp file:
sn="filename.jsp"   &&-- this file was created just before this point!
This would force the server to process the JSP file and execute the JSP code in it.  In our case, the JSP function created a graphic file (you can choose any kind, but I personally recommend a PNG file) on the server and returned an HTML image-link to that file.
Like I said, I hope there's an easier way for you.  The Sun graphics library is not very well documented - a real pity given how profoundly useful it could be for situations like this. 
Sent by J. Jansen on 05/11/2004 03:03:09 PM:
I am making a programm, using Foxpro and Foxweb.
But some of the data (temperatures and the use of energy) I want to show in a graph.
Is this possible? What kind of program do I need to use for that?
it must be quick and the graphs must be "nice"