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The Authenticate.fwx sample script that comes with FoxWeb illustrates the use of the Auth object to authenticate users with a login screen.  You can simply add the calls to the Auth object in all screens that need to be protected, or you can place them in a separate PRG file, which gets called by all protected scripts.
Other samples, such as the ContactMine2 application illustrate data editing.  In fact, the Contact Type area illustrates editing in conjunction with authentication.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by jijo david on 05/08/2004 03:20:45 AM:
Dear All,
I am beginner in FoxWeb,I have go some idea about developing systems in VFP & FoxWeb from your site and Mr. Willem, I have made couple of forms, and it is working. but I am not sure I am developing the system in proper way.
I requesting some one to send me one sample project with a login screen and a data entry screen after successful login,
Looking forward here from someone
Thanks in advance