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Thanks very much for quick response
I compiled test.fwx with fwxcompile and it is working now,
how can use without compiling that , in the configuration USE RUN TIME DLL check box is not marked.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 05/07/2004 10:03:28 PM:
Have you configured FoxWeb to use the VFP Run-Time DLL?  If yes, you will need to compile your scripts manually with fwxcompile.exe on a computer that has a full version of VFP installed.  For details please refer to the documentation of fwxcompile.exe.

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Sent by jijo david on 05/07/2004 09:59:40 PM:
Dear all
I have created a test.fwx in c:\i\ folder.
This page was served on <%=DATETIME()%>.
The FoxWeb Setup is Default program root is 'c:\i\', server is localhost
when I type http://localhost/scripts/foxweb.exe/test.fwx in the IE address bar I get the following messages,
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Message: Script "TEST.FWX" is invalid, non-existent, or has not been compiled

pls advice me where I am wrong
Thanks in advance