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This may be a permissions problem, but I kind of doubt it.  The reason, is that the problem exists regardless of whether you are running FoxWeb as a service, or not.  Unless you have manually changed the service settings, it is running as the System account, which has full rights to the local computer.  When FoxWeb does not run as a service, it runs as the user that is currently logged into the OS (you?), so I assume that it will have sufficient rights to access all necessary data tables and other resources.
By the way, we did receive both copies of fwstart.log, but nothing stands out.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Joe Bigelow on 05/07/2004 01:35:03 PM:
Have just resent the log to you.
For what it's worth..., had to be at the physical location of the server to install some software. When I got there FW had frozen, again. Pulled up the monitor and all 4 channels were "Busy". Stopped, restarted.
Within about 10 minutes, channel 1 went "Busy"...
I have, as instructed, unhidden the windows and will watch closely. Will report anything that I find.
Personally, I think it's a permission problem somewhere. Can you tell me the "optimum" permissions necessary on the path to the executable of FoxWeb, FoxPro and the script directory? As this is 2003 the permissions are VERY different as they do not default to just about anything actually that is functional. So I would assume that something isn't correct in there somewhere?
Joe Bigelow