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Most probably the data is sent to the browser but it is not visible.  This is pretty much always the case if you are sending table rows.  Browser typically can't render tables until they receive the end table tag (</table>).  The reason for this is that column widths are set based on the widest content.
One possibility is to change your output so that it does not use tables.
Alternatively, you can force tables to appear row by row by setting the table_layout style to 'fixed'.  For details you will need to consult a CSS reference.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 04/29/2004 10:46:11 AM:
Sorry, the code is:
<%Response.Buffer = .T.%>
Although with .T. is still does not work.
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 04/29/2004 10:42:59 AM:
I am having a problem with fushing each line to the screen when in a loop. Currently, the screen writes when the looping structure is completed, which can be a long time.
The application is where I am fetching certain records from a large table and wish to output each found record to the screen upon capture so that the user does not have to wait a long time and wonder what is going on.
I am using
<%Response.Buffer = .F.%>
as shown in the documentation but it does not seem ot work. Some help would be appreciated.