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Your configuration seems to be correct.  The fact that FoxWeb works for a few hours or days and then stops seems really strange.  What happens when it stops working?  Do you get an error message?  What's the exact text of the message and where does it appear (browser, fwstart.log, IIS server log, FoxWeb Error Log)?
An interesting test would be for you to simply restart FoxWeb after it stops working (without touching anything else) to see if this fixes the problem.

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Sent by Joe Bigelow on 04/27/2004 11:55:55 AM:
I've installed new servers and had Windows Servier 2003 Web edition put on them. What a pain in the short run...
I want to make sure if there is a "correct" installation of FoxWeb, other than what I've cobbled together. It works, more or less.
Created a new Web Service Extension (who knew...) and have put both the foxweb.dll and foxweb.exe in "inetpub/AdminScripts" as required files.
I then discovered that inetpub/AdminScripts didn't have the Internet Guest Account automatically installed in security, so I installed it. I then put that user into the security set up for my program root as well.
Because I want to use script mapping, so I opened the properties for the web site in IIS and added ".fwx" to use inetpub/AdminScripts/foxweb.dll with GET,HEAD,POST.
I think this is all correct, hopefully that is. Now here's the question/problem. It works, then stops working after a few hours to couple of days. I go back, check all the settings and configurations, no changes, open FoxWeb Control Center, stop it, restart it and it works again. This has happened three times now. Something seems not to "stick" as it were.
I decided to go with 2003 specifically because of security issues I've had in the past. A server was totally trashed by someone coming in through an undocument feature back door in 2000, (god bless BG...), and using the server to hyper-transfer hundreds of thousands of copies of pirated films, (why me?). I can only think that I have not gotten a permission correct or something else not "just right" and it's making be batty.
Do you see any problems with what I did or have suggestions on things I haven't done or not done correctly? Your advice is MUCH appreciated!
Joe Bigelow