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You can easily build the application you describe with FoxWeb.  The ContactMine2 sample application illustrates all the techniques that you would need to use to achieve the desired functionality, with the exception of interacting with a SQL (as opposed to a FoxPro) database.  Of course the VFP documentation has plenty of examples on how to interact with external databases via remote views and SQL pass-through, so it should not be hard for you to figure out how to do this.

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Sent by jijo david on 04/26/2004 10:55:03 PM:
I would like to purchase FoxWeb, before me taking a decision I would like to know the following
1.I wanted to create a small application which should accept students name and age , the data entry should happen when user connect to the internet and type www.mydomainname/register. on IE The data should be stored in SQL table in my server
2.if the user type www.mydomainname/display on their IE , they should get name listed. data should picked up from my sql table.
Pls tell me to do this what all I have to purchase from you, and how is it possible to do ?
Pls excuse me if you feel that this requirement sound stupid, But pls respond this is my requirement,
Thanks & Regards

Jijo N. David