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I think I'm trying to do the impossible.  (Hopefully I'm mistaken!)
We've got tons of existing FoxWeb code (.PRG files) outside the web root.  (Under C:\db\)   Our content authors do not have access to those directories.
We've got reams of static html code under the web root.  (Under D:\www\)  The authors edit those files daily. 
Now that we're moving toward .FWX files, I'd like to allow them under c:\www\ .  What I think I've figured out is that there can only be one FoxWeb Program Root per server, and all .FWX and .PRG files must reside under that single directory.
If that is the case, then it seems there is no way to have FoxWeb code both under c:\db\ and d:\www\ , regardless of the type.  This pretty much shoots my plans in the foot.  I'm quite disinclined to put all the .PRG files (not to mention the databases themselves) under the web root, and I'm equally hesitant to grant our authors (many of which are transient college interns) access to the cgi directory.
I'm hoping I'm overlooking something.  Is there any way to have two program roots?  Or some other solution that will yield similar results?
David Hempy
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Kentucky Educational Television
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