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Hayulp ...
I have built a DLL with functions for Blowfish encryption.  Testing this from Foxpro, everything works fine.  But now when I do calls to the same DLL from Foxweb, I am getting this weird error:
Error #:      1
Message:  File 'urlencodefunction.prg' does not exist.
Program:  procedure classserver1.urlencode fwserverobject.fxp
Line #:  427
Line:  ...

I checked the error log and the prev_prog is "urlencode.fxp", which is not something of ours.
In a little more detail;  from the foxweb script, a class object is created and in the constructor it executes:
  DECLARE INTEGER Blowfish_blowfishInit IN Blowfish
  DECLARE Blowfish_setPassword IN Blowfish INTEGER bfPointer, STRING @ newPword
  DECLARE STRING Blowfish_encrypt IN Blowfish INTEGER bfPointer, STRING @ encryptText, INTEGER nTextBytes
  DECLARE STRING Blowfish_decrypt IN Blowfish INTEGER bfPointer, STRING @ encryptText, INTEGER nTextBytes
  DECLARE Blowfish_destroy IN Blowfish INTEGER bfPointer
  THIS.nBlowfishPointer = Blowfish_blowfishInit()
Then the script calls Blowfish_encrypt() through the object and afterwards RELEASE the class object, which calls Blowfish_destroy() and
CLEAR DLLS "Blowfish"
I'm really not sure where the conflict is occuring in all this ... whether I have stomped a name somewhere or something in clearing the DLL is causing a problem with DLLs Foxweb is using for some weird reason ... or what.
Thanks for any help, I am kind of under the gun on this project and didn't anticipate anything like this ...