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The problem seems to be that your Web server can't find foxweb.exe in the location that corrresponds to cgi-bin.  The Configuring your Web Server page in the FoxWeb documentation contains information on how to configure some popular Web servers to work with FoxWeb.  If you get stuck, you will need to provide more information to us, so that we can help you.  Specifically, we will need the following:
  • The server OS.
  • Make and version of your Web server software.
  • The location where foxweb.exe and foxweb.dll were installed.
  • The URL that appears to fail.
  • The exact text of the error message you are getting.
  • Steps you have taken to configure your Web server (for example, creation of a virtual directory, pointing to cgi-bin).

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Richard McInturff on 03/31/2004 08:16:32 AM:
As a long time Foxpro programmer, I was interested to find your product recently.  I'm trying to install it on a Window 2000 Professional box running IIS.  After installing FoxWeb, I tried to test it using the following:

In response, my browser returns the sample page for a search utility that we run on this server.  Any Ideas why?  Thanks!