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I changed the service to run as a domain administrator.  This helps.  It now runs as a service.
I just went and looked at fwstart.log.  I didn't think to do that yesterday.  It had the following error when I tried to start the service as the old user:
03/30/2004 00:55:17 Insufficient rights to open FoxWeb registry key! Change user rights of service user.
I applied the Win2000 fix found at .  I changed the service back to the non-administrator account and it is now working again.  I did not have to change anything about the existing account, only the permissions on the FoxWeb registry key.
BTW, it appears that step 6 on that page has been truncated.  It reads, "...You should also".  Not sure what I should also do, but it worked for me.
ps.  It seems the Email Notification for this forum does not work.  Or possibly it got rejected as spam somewhere along the way, although not on my PC.  Possibly at our firewall.  If you can email me privately a sample notification email with full headers, I'll have our network guy check our agency spam filters or add it to the whitelist or something. 


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Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/30/2004 12:21:27 AM:
This is not exactly the same problem as what Lew En Lai was experiencing, but the remedy may be the same:  Try a different user for the service.  FoxWeb 2 is a totally different product, so it has different requirements than FoxWeb 1.  Many files are in different locations and it is possible that your old user does not have rights to these locations.  Start with placing the current user in the Administrators group just to determine whether this fixes the problem.  If it does, then undo your previous change and try to strike a balance between security and providing enough rights to run FoxWeb and your scripts.

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