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The answer to your question depends on your specific situation.  If you are a VFP shop with expertise in the FoxPro language, then FoxWeb is most definitely a good solution for you.  It will allow you to leverage your knowledge of the language and the power of the fastest database engine in existence today.
If you are not familiar with the FoxPro language, but you wish to create an application that interacts with FoxPro data, then you have to weigh a number of factors, including:
  • How important is speed?  ODBC solutions for accessing FoxPro tables are not as powerful as using the the native VFP engine.
  • Are you already familiar with an alternative solution, such as ASP?  If yes, then you may want to stay with this technology.  On the other hand, FoxWeb uses an almost identical object model, making the transition very easy.
  • Do you need to protect your source code?  ASP scripts are not encrypted in any way, which makes them harder to protect.  With FoxWeb you can simply deploy compiled (and encrypted) FXP files, which protects your intellectual property.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Boris Lifschutz on 03/24/2004 08:00:10 AM:
    We have to select the web development environment.
If I understand it right, the main difference between FoxWeb and ASP is the scripting language: VFP vs. VBScript or JavaScript.
     But we can access dbf files from ADO or I guess, even call VFP exectutables from ASP. Do we miss something big? Why would we need FoxWeb if we have ASP?
     Your feedback will help to make the right decision.
Thank you very much.
Boris Lifschutz
FCI Corporation