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Sorry, the file name on my previous post should be INDEX.PRG not INDEX.OPG.
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 02/25/2004 08:40:14 PM:
I have always, from the old XBase days, never used CDXs as created through the project. I created a reindex file where each table's CDX is deleted and recreated through INDEX ON code in a prg. I have not had an index crach since using FoxWeb (knock on wood) but if I did all I had to do was to run the and it's back.


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 02/18/2004 08:26:52 PM:
In general, I have only seen index corruption only in the following circumstances:
  • Power outage
  • Hardware problem
  • Operating system crash
  • VFP crash on older operating systems
Simple VFP crashes don't seem to corrupt index files on Win NT, 2000, 2003 and XP, but may be I just got lucky.  Regarding whether corrupt index files are always truncated to 0 bytes, I don't really have a definitive answer.  My guess is that this is not always the case, but it's possible I'm wrong.

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Sent by Joe Cosby on 02/17/2004 08:36:27 AM:
This is a general foxpro question, sorry if this is a little off-topic.
How much trouble have other people had with table indexes?
My experience has been that indexes do get trashed, but when this happens it is due to a failed write operation, and the index (.cdx or .idx file) is inevitably truncated to zero when this happens.
Has anybody here seen cases where the index becomes inaccurate, but it isn't truncated to zero bytes?

The reason I ask, the system I adopted has a process which reindexes tables regularly.  Since in Foxpro this requires USE EXCLUSIVE, this is a real problem in a high-traffic, multi-user system.
I'm not sure how much sense it makes, if indexes don't become corrupt without being truncated then it is just a waste.