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The P-II processor is WAY slower than a P-IV.  Although I can't be 100% sure, I'd be willing to bet that the main reason for the performance difference is the CPU speed.

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Sent by Gary Farrell on 02/17/2004 05:41:03 AM:
I have the same application running on the Internet through an ISP (FW 1.29C) and Intranet (FW 2.11).  The internet application runs much faster.  For example a request that takes 6 seconds on the intranet takes less than 2 seconds on the internet.
The hardware is newer at the ISP (P-IV) v. (P-II dual processor) on the intranet, and the memory is the same.  I have tried to tune the intranet server (it is dedicated to this app), but performance has not improved.
Any suggestions? or due you think it is just the processor speed that killing me.
Thank you