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You will need to open the Services applet in the Administrative Tools of the Windows Control Center.  Locate the FoxWeb service and open its properties.  In the Log On tab select "This account" and specify a userid and password for a user that has access to the remote resource.
In order to refer to the remote file in your script you must use UNC notation (\\ServerName\Share\Path\FileName).  To verify that everything is correct, log into the server as the FoxWeb service user and try to open the file interactively in VFP, using the same UNC path as what you used in your script.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Fernando Medan on 02/13/2004 04:00:01 AM:
If you are running FoxWeb as a service running as an account that has access to remote resource (Win 2003 + FoxWeb 2.6).
When I tried to access via Foxweb, the error returned that the file does not exist.
Could you guide me through the steps on setting the service user and script.