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You never really need fwx files to run your scripts.  Fwx files are the equivalent of prg files:  you need them to create FXP files, but once they are compiled, all you need is the corresponding fxp files.  Obviously you will also need all other supporting files, such as database tables, static html files, images, etc.

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Sent by Carlos Fuertes on 02/12/2004 02:21:30 AM:
Good morning,
recently a customer of mine has installed FoxWeb configuring it to Use run-time DLL, since he has not VFP installed. This means the scripts won't be recompiled at hes server. My question is, which files must I supply him in order to the application runs ok, fwx and fxp?. Internally, the scripts must reference to fwx files or fxp files?
Of course, if I perform a fwx modification I have to send him the new fwx and the related fxp, isn't it?
Thanks in advance