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The "FoxWeb Channel Stopped Responding" message means that a channel process was exited before it was finished with script execution.  For example, you can cause this error by including a QUIT command in one of your scripts.
It is not clear why such a problem would be happening on your server.  It is possible that VFP is crashing, or it is possible that one or more of your scripts contain one of the illegal command listed in the FoxWeb documentation.
Does the error occur only with specific scripts?  If yes, then you should concentrate on these scripts.  Also, does this problem always occur when you call the scripts, or is it intermittent?  It would be nice if you could find a page, which always causes the problem if refreshed.  If you can do this, then you can use the techniques listed in the Debugging FoxWeb Scripts chapter of the FoxWeb documentation to trace through the offending script(s) and isolate the code causing the problem.
The "Hanging channels, or channels that get restarted often" item in the Troubleshooting/Common Problems page of the FoxWeb documentation contains detailed instructions on how to isolate problems that may cause channels to get restarted.

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Sent by Fernando Medan on 02/04/2004 07:35:12 AM:

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The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:

FoxWeb Channel Stopped Responding.
This error occurs the first time, then does not fail.
please, can you help me.
Fernando Medan