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More Info,
I've updated my server (windows 2000 server) with all my scripts and foxweb 2.6 and everything is working perfectly.  It's only on my developement machine (Windows XP Pro) that I'm having trouble.  Also, I'm using apache 2.6 on both systems. 
Sent by Michael Rodgers on 01/23/2004 07:28:58 AM:
I've just upgraded to foxweb 2.6 from foxweb 2.1.  I have some scripts that worked fine in 2.1 but are now giving me some problems when I go from one script to another.  I'm being forced to relogin each time I link to another script.  I've also upgraded from VFP 6.0 to VFP 8.0.  I've added a line Response.write(session.getsessionid()) to various places in each of my scripts to see if it's changing, but it's not.  There is one script I have that's not giving me this problem.  Below is a sample of my code.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance. 
* Notes: All links include a random token, generated by
* the SYS(3) function in the Query String.  This ensures
* that browsers do not use a cached copy of the page.
private ln_userlevel, lc_posdir
ln_userlevel = 0
 lc_posdir = "c:\source_code\vfp_src\pos\"
 lc_posdir = "\\ciapp\salesbanking\POSDATA\"  &&"C:\source_code\vfp_src\pos\" 
AuthMessage = ""
auth.authtable = lc_posdir + "user01.dbf"
auth.useridfieldname = "Name"
auth.passwordfieldname = "Password"
Auth.Header = [<center><h3>Security Check Point<br>Please enter your User ID and Password</h3></center><br>]
Auth.Footer = []
* JavaScript code to be executed when the "Cancel" button is clicked
Auth.CancelAction = "window.location='http://mrodgersfeb03/'"
* Offer option to remember user id and password
Auth.SaveCookie = 1
IF Request.QueryString('logout') = '1'
 * The "Logout" link has been clicked
 AuthMessage = "User " + Auth.userid + " was logged out"
 DO SendHeader
 <font color="red"><i><%=AuthMessage%>&nbsp;</font></i><p>
 <a href="saleslogin.fwx?<%=SYS(3)%>">Login</a> | <a href="http://ciweb/">CI Intranet</a> | <a href="http://mrodgersfeb03/">IT Test Site</a><p>
 * Authenticate user
 * All code past this point will only be executed if the user
 * has been successfully authenticated