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I've just upgraded to foxweb 2.6 from foxweb 2.1.  I have some scripts that worked fine in 2.1 but are now giving me some problems when I go from one script to another.  I'm being forced to relogin each time I link to another script.  I've also upgraded from VFP 6.0 to VFP 8.0.  I've added a line Response.write(session.getsessionid()) to various places in each of my scripts to see if it's changing, but it's not.  There is one script I have that's not giving me this problem.  Below is a sample of my code.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance. 
* Notes: All links include a random token, generated by
* the SYS(3) function in the Query String.  This ensures
* that browsers do not use a cached copy of the page.
private ln_userlevel, lc_posdir
ln_userlevel = 0
 lc_posdir = "c:\source_code\vfp_src\pos\"
 lc_posdir = "\\ciapp\salesbanking\POSDATA\"  &&"C:\source_code\vfp_src\pos\" 
AuthMessage = ""
auth.authtable = lc_posdir + "user01.dbf"
auth.useridfieldname = "Name"
auth.passwordfieldname = "Password"
Auth.Header = [<center><h3>Security Check Point<br>Please enter your User ID and Password</h3></center><br>]
Auth.Footer = []
* JavaScript code to be executed when the "Cancel" button is clicked
Auth.CancelAction = "window.location='http://mrodgersfeb03/'"
* Offer option to remember user id and password
Auth.SaveCookie = 1
IF Request.QueryString('logout') = '1'
 * The "Logout" link has been clicked
 AuthMessage = "User " + Auth.userid + " was logged out"
 DO SendHeader
 <font color="red"><i><%=AuthMessage%>&nbsp;</font></i><p>
 <a href="saleslogin.fwx?<%=SYS(3)%>">Login</a> | <a href="http://ciweb/">CI Intranet</a> | <a href="http://mrodgersfeb03/">IT Test Site</a><p>
 * Authenticate user
 * All code past this point will only be executed if the user
 * has been successfully authenticated