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I assume that you are using version 1.29c.  Here's what I found regarding this error in the FoxWeb 1.2 documentation:
"CGI program is unable to communicate with resident server" error
This error occurs when the two components of FoxWeb (FOXWEB.EXE and FWSERVER.EXE) can not communicate with each other. The most probable reason is that all channels were busy for too long. If this error appears often you may want to increase the Timeout period in the FoxWeb Control Center.
Basically a request comes, but all your channels are busy.  FoxWeb waits for a few seconds for a channel to free up, but nothing does, so it returns the above message.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Erick on 01/13/2004 06:27:13 AM:
Hi all,
I keep receving the followimg error. Any adive ?
Error in CGI Back-End Program
There was an error during execution of the Back-End CGI program. The error is:
CGI Program could not communicate with resident server.
Please Check the troubleshooting page.