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If our scripts store the default handler, performs an action and then restores it; would/should the FoxWeb error handler call the script specified in the Error Template?  Initial tests show that it doesn't.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/08/2004 11:17:24 PM:
FoxWeb has its own error handler that is called via the ON ERROR command.  This error handler logs errors and then either returns default content to the browser, or calls the script specified in the Error Template field of the FoxWeb Control Center.
If you issue an ON ERROR command in your scripts, then the FoxWeb error handler never gets called, which will also prevent the error template from being called.  We discourage this practice, because it may cause channel stability issues.  The FoxWeb error handler has been refined over the years to handle errors gracefully and make sure that channels recover and immediately become available to serve subsequent requests.  Using a different error handler may jeopardize this.

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Sent by Shayne Sharpe on 01/08/2004 05:22:20 PM:
We currently have an PRG set as an error handler under the Foxweb 2.5 configuration using 'Error Template'.  Was wondering whether this will trap the error again even though it had previously been trapped and handled by a lower level PRG using the 'on error' command?
(part of an upgrade test from 1.25)