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Here is a example of the code I am using
<form method "post" action= "testit.fwx" name= "tryit">
<textarea name="s1" cols= "60" rows="20" ></textarea>
input type="submit" name="doit" value="mydata">
I wrote a program that returns the text and number of characters and any thing over 2015 char will not do any thing when I hit the submit button no errors just stays on the same page anything less than 2015 works ok  I have read their is a limit when you use get method but I am using post.
I noticed something when I look at the server variables the request method shows  Requst_method= get could that be my problem because if you noticed the form method will only work if I don't put a = sign in front of the "post"   Thanks for your help
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/04/2004 06:06:24 PM:
There's no limit on the number of characters you can save to a memo field other than what VFP imposes, which is unlikely to be the problem here.  What's the size of your data?  Also, what do you mean by "having a problem", do you get an error message?  You should make sure that you have the correct input before writing the data to your table.  It's possible that the problem occurs at an earlier stage.  Try using the LEN() function to send the size of your data to the browser.

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Sent by Richard Whittlesey on 01/04/2004 05:15:32 PM:
I having a problem trying to save a  large memo field. Is their a limit to the number of characters I can send to the server? If so what is the limit or work around. Great program