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What if your script runs for more then the allocated script time out (which is 999) what if you want to run it for more then 16.65 mins ?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 03/20/2003 05:11:42 PM:
When a script times out FoxWeb interrupts execution and returns a timeout, or a "channel stopped responding" error.
The situation you are describing is probably not related to a script timeout/channel restart, but rather to a session timeout.  You can control session timeout for the whole server in the FoxWeb configuration, or you can change it for a specific user with the Session.Timeout property.
To make sure that a user with an expired session does not try to access a script which requires previously set session variables, you must add code to your scripts that checks for the existense of one or more required session variables and returns the user to an error page (or your application start/login page) if they don't exist.

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Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 03/19/2003 03:26:51 AM:
I there any way of triggering a web page, script, message, etc. when a script times-out and the channel shuts-down and restarts? 
I have some users who leave their pc, come back 30 minutes later, still see the same page on-screen and press a button to trigger a script which expects a table to be open, but it isn't, because the channel has restarted (I currently have my Foxweb script timeout set to 20 minutes).
Some sort of warning that the page has expired and needs to be refreshed/relaunched would be ideal.
Alan Harris-Reid