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If you could dig out that code, it would be very helpful
I want to check for channels which have halted and send an alert, either if any have failed or more likely if more than half have failed.
We were having a large frequency of channels failing before the last upgrade;  since then, it has become much more rare, but we do still have channels die on us here and there, so I want to have a monitor on them just to be safe.
I am not sure what you mean exactly by the Foxweb Channel Monitor.  This may be something I missed in the documentation;  if there's something which will do the same thing, I don't want to waste effort.
I know there is the channel status display and theoretically channels which have died or timed out should be restarted, but this is not 100% effective.  Out of 56 channels we have running (spread over a number of machines) we probably have one or two drop spontaneously every week, roughly.  These are not restarted automatically, when they die they stay dead.  The window for that channel will still be present when I look in on the server, but the channel corresponding to that window in the Foxweb Channel Status window will not be present.  When this happens, the channel never restarts.  If I manually close the dead window, the channel does restart.
Are you talking about something beyond this functionality?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/30/2003 05:08:46 PM:
There's no way to direct a request to a particular channel, but there is a way to check the status of channels programmatically.  Unfortunately this is not a documented interface, but I may be able to dig out some code. 
What exactly are you trying to do?  Are you trying to write a monitoring application that will restart channels, or alert you if there is a problem?  This would be better handled by the FoxWeb Channel Monitor.  In the rare cases where the FoxWeb Channel Monitor fails to restart channels, it would probably not be posible to restart them another way either.

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Sent by Joe Cosby on 12/29/2003 12:56:32 PM:
I need to set up a script to check the number of channels active on a FW server.
I thought this would be easier than it is ...
show_channels.fwx appears to be able to look at individual channels selectively, which is what I have in mind.  There doesn't appear to be code for this anywhere in my FW install though, it appears to be inlined to the FW binary or DLL or something or other.
I found the Request.CurrentChannel property, which is helpful, but not quite what I need.  This will allow me to say, my request is currently on channel X, but I need to be able to specifically make a request to channel X.  According to the docs Request.CurrentChannel is read-only.
Basically if we have say three channels, I need a script to do something like this
FOR i = 1 to 3
and either trap an error if channel 'i' doesn't respond or get a failure message back or what have you.
Is there a way to do this?