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Good Morning and Happy New Year,
The Response.AddHeader method works just fine. My compact privacy policy is indeed recognized by the agent--IE 6.0 Code is Response.AddHeader('p3p', 'CP="NON DSP COR CURa ADMa DEVa TAIa CONa OUR DELa BUS IND PHY ONL UNI PUR COM NAV DEM STA"'). Now, the fun begins and I hope to launch a meaningful thread here even though it isn't really a FoxWeb issue. FoxWeb is doing its thing.
It appears that the cookies are only good for the session. That probably is because my fwx files are not primary. That is, I call fwx's from Web pages not located at the primary site.
There is an "Email this photo to a Friend" link, it's just under the photo. It will take you to my FoxWeb sever (ISp) and my beta code. I simply want to pre fill out the user's email address for those who have emailed a photo to a friend before. Only works for the session. I'd like it to be persistent so when the same user returns day, weeks, later the field is filled out.
Comments and suggestions, Please.
Alden Bugly
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/30/2003 05:22:55 PM:
There's nothing specific about FoxWeb with regard to p3p.  HTTP headers can be included with the Response.AddHeader method, but I'm under the impression that p3p policies are sent to browsers as a separate file in p3p.xml in the w3c subdirectory of your site's Web root.  Unfortunately I am not greatly familiar with p3p, but I did find a pretty good primer and step-by-step reference at

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Sent by aldenbugly on 12/29/2003 07:31:24 PM:
I use a foxweb isp and so don't have control over many set up items. How do I get my compact privacy policy in the HTTP header?
John Potter