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We reported this problem half year ago... We still have this problem after 2.6 upgrade, this return the error AFTER last line in our program exectred, in random place at the web page. This happened at random place of page, and more often on loaded server with lot of requests with big pages (200 KB or more), but may appear on any other size page.
Also we reported: If we try to download a file using an example code (Examples/Download.fwx) for download to low speed clients it will never finish. If we check the downloaded file, we will see FoxWeb stopped respond message at end of the file. and this is long after last string of the code executed. it looks like next request came to same channel and overwrite something.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 10/31/2003 12:04:36 PM:
The "FoxWeb Channel Stopped Responding" message means that a channel process was exited before it was finished with script execution.  For example, you can cause this error by including a QUIT command in one of your scripts.
It is not clear why such a problem would be happening on your server.  It is possible that VFP is crashing, or it is possible that one or more of your scripts contain one of the illegal command listed in the FoxWeb documentation.