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You must use double quotes instead of single for the target clause:
<A HREF="editcase.fwx?caseid=<%=CALINK2C%>" TARGET="_main">[Edit]</A>

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 11/26/2003 09:27:28 PM:
The problem I am having is getting a page to load in the _main pane.
I have an app with 2 frames, left and right. In the right pane a user choses to edit a record using the syntax below:
A HREF="editcase.fwx?caseid=<%=CALINK2C%> TARGET='_main'">[Edit]</A>

In the editcase.fwx page I have the following:

M.vCaseID = Request.QueryString('caseid')

The resulting value of M.vVaseID includes TARGET='_main' and thus the REQUERY() does not find the record and the page is not in _main.


If I change the sintax to:

A HREF="editcase.fwx?caseid=<%=CALINK2C%>" TARGET='_main'>[Edit]</A>
I get the correct record but the page does not load in _main.
What am I doing wrong please?