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I use Foxweb 1.29c, I am very happy with it, it does everything I need.
I have a problem with the mergetxt() function after I have put some javascript in the top of a .mrg file.
I fill a variable mlisttxt with html code to build a (html)table for as many records a necessary, the contents of mlisttxt can get as big as 400 lines with more than 80 characters.
In these lines in mlisttxt I have words like <td align=  to generate a nice looking html table.
With the mergetxt() function I put mlisttxt together with a .mrg file into
html_out to build a nice looking page.
Sometimes the page generated by foxweb looks strange because one (and only one of several hundreds)
<td align= shows to be converted to <tdalign=, the space between TD and ALIGN is gone, resulting in incorrect html code.
I wrote the variable mlisttxt and html_out into the memofields of a debug database, it shows that mlisttxt has the space in <td align= in it, while html_out (after the mergetxt()) contains a <tdalign= in the cell where the html table is messed up.
Is it possible that some of the javascript characters in the .mrg file interfere with  the mergetxt() function?
I also found out that the CRLF I put after each row </tr> to keep the page source readable,  is ignored, the source is one big wide mess, while when I didn't add the javascript in the .mrg file yet everyting looked fine.
does this sound familiar to anyone?
(probably time for an upgrade I think)