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I have the channels running as applications. There are know errors in the windows. Also the FWstart log show channels being killed then restarted and the windows for them are running but not in channel status. When I close the window for a channel that's not in channel status then it restarts and then re-appears in channel status. If it helps here's a sample of the log:
11/17/2003 16:56:04 Killed Channel 1: /mp/MakeApprv
11/17/2003 16:56:05 Restarting Channel 1
11/17/2003 16:56:35 Restarting Channel 1
11/17/2003 17:15:32 Restarting Channel 1
11/17/2003 17:16:02 Restarting Channel 1
11/17/2003 18:21:13 Killed Channel 3: /mp/findoffice
11/17/2003 18:21:14 Restarting Channel 3
11/17/2003 18:21:44 Restarting Channel 3
11/17/2003 18:25:02 Killed Channel 2: /mp/cpdata
11/17/2003 18:25:03 Restarting Channel 2
11/17/2003 18:25:33 Restarting Channel 2
11/18/2003 08:48:14 Killed Channel 4: /mp/MakeApprv
11/18/2003 08:48:15 Restarting Channel 4
11/18/2003 09:14:13 Killed Channel 4: /mp/MakeApprv
11/18/2003 09:14:14 Restarting Channel 4
11/18/2003 09:14:44 Restarting Channel 4
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/17/2003 02:45:32 PM:
The fact that channels drop from the channel status window does not mean that they are gone.  The channels are probably still running, but FoxWeb is unable to restart them for some reason.  We have seen this in the past due to the channel process being locked by DrWatson (or the Fatal Error Reporting system is it is called in later versions).
As you mentioned in your original posting, the channels still show up in the task manager.  It would be really helpful, if you could follow our previous instructions and made the unresponsive channels visible, so that you can look for dialog windows, or other indications of what the problem is.  You can identify which window corresponds to a channel, by matching the channels that disappear from the FoxWeb Status Window, with the titles of individual channel windows.  Click on the appropriate channel icon in the task bar to bring its window in the foreground and examine it for any visible hints.

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