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We seemed to have fixed the scripts hanging when we moved FW to a new server. Since it would go a week or more before hanging would occur, it's wait and see. The problem now is channels dropping. We're configured to use the runtimes (VFP6) and now running as apps instead of as a service. Problem is 6 apps are running (as is configured) but FoxWeb Channel Status occasionally drops one and it doesn't come back. If I quit the FW App for the missing channel it will come back in Channel Status. We're running FW2.5
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 11/13/2003 05:14:05 PM:
There seems to be something that causes your channels to occasionally hang.  The reason why this would be happening is not clear, but there are several possibilities, such as the use of Illegal Commands as outlined in the FoxWeb documentation, rogue 3rd-party components, broken network connections between FoxWeb and database tables, or other network resources it tries to access.
One method you can use to identify the problem is to disable the "Run as Service" and "hide Channels" options in the FoxWeb configuration and then restart FoxWeb. You should now be able to see a separate icon for each channel in the task bar. Size and arrange the channel windows on your screen, so that they are all visible at the same time.  Call the offending script(s) and then minimize your browser window, so that the channel windows are visible. Look for a dialog box, or other indication that a channel is waiting for user input. In most cases, the script tries to use a table that is not open, which causes the Open Table dialog to pop up, halting script execution.  If you can't find a visual indication of the problem, then you may need to trace through your script, using the techniques described in the Troubleshooting chapter.  Once you isolate and fix the problem, you can re-enable the above configuration options as necessary.

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Sent by B Wagner on 11/13/2003 12:17:24 PM:
We move FW to a new server. We changed to using run-time DLLs. The FoxWeb Channel status shows fewer than the 8 channels configured dropping as low as 2. But task manager shows 8 instances of FWServer running. Force quiting them in task manager would restart the channels.
 Win2K server SP4
  FW 2.5
 two -2.4gz xenon
 VFP 6
We moved from an older box to find if it would fix a timeout problem. This has been an intermitant problem. It occures as a storm with all channels timing out and cpu and network activity droping to 0 as if waiting for a resource to free up. The FW startlog show it happening  to a random sampling of programs.