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There's no built-in functionality to facilitate emailing of error messages to an administrator, but this can be easily handled in ErrHandler.fwx.  A word of caution: ErrHandler.fwx is part of the error handler, so there's no way to trap errors in it.  If an error occurs in your custom code, it will pop up an error dialog, causing the channel to hang!  FoxWeb's channel monitor will probably be able to recover the channel, but not until it times out.  I suggest that spend a lot of time making sure that the code you add to this script is free of errors.  Another potential problem is that SMTP controls return a run-time error if they can't connect with the SMTP server.  There are two potential solutions to this:
  1. Use an SMTP control that does not need to connect to an SMTP server, but rather writes a file in a pickup directory.  JMail is one such component.  It works in conjunction with the IIS SMTP server and simply drops files in its pickup directory.  IIS monitors this directory and immediately processes any files copied there.
  2. Instead of sending email from within the error handler, write an external VFP program that monitors errors.dbf every few minutes.  If it detects any new records, it sends email to the administrator and tags the records as having been sent.

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Sent by chr(32)man on 10/29/2003 08:54:05 PM:
Is there a built in function in foxweb for having error messages sent to an email or does the ErrHandler.fwx have to be modified to do this?