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The code works fine for me.  It causes an IE window to open and navigate to ''.  What are the symptoms on your server?  In order to more easily debug the problem, try running FoxWeb as a regular application instead of as a service.
Also, do you really need to use the IE object?  In pretty much every case you can use a simple HTTP COM object, to send and retrieve data from a Web server.  Most COM objects even allow you to send POST data, such as form fields.  Here's an example, using the Internet Transfer Control, which comes with VFP:
oInet = CREATEOBJECT("InetCtls.Inet")
oInet.Protocol = 4  && Set protocol to HTTP
oInet.RequestTimeout = 120
HTMLData = oInet.OpenUrl("")
Response.Write('<pre>' + Server.HTMLEncode(M.HTMLData) + '</pre>')

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Sent by Eloy Marroquín on 10/23/2003 12:52:31 PM:
I try to execute this code on FWX file :
IE = CREATEOBJECT('InternetExplorer.Application')
IE.visible = .t.


I need that because i can retrieve the JavaScript DOM of IE object.


example :

IE.document.forms[0].aField.value = 'The New Value'


When i run this code on Visual FoxPro it works, but doesn´t on foxweb 2.11


Can anyone Help Me?