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We're still using VFP 6, both on Windows NT and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. After two of our production servers were upgraded to 2 GB Ram ( most have 1/2 GB) , some developers decided it was wise to add a call to sys(3050,1,600000000)
in some of our primary programs.

Generally the only thing running on our production servers is FoxWeb 1.29c which links the customer on the browser to the FoxPro data on the back end. ( typically about 5 Foxweb channels ) Why would we want to limit the amount of RAM Foxpro can use, especially when some of the tables are over 1GB in size? Some felt that FoxPro would crash without that sys command, and that VFP 6 was never designed to make use of that much RAM. If so, why buy the additional RAM?

Randy Petty