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FoxWeb keeps track of Session IDs using cookies.  If it does not detect a cookie called FW_SessionID, then it generates a new Session ID and returns it to the browser in the form of a cookie.  The particular cookie tag that FoxWeb uses to return Session IDs instructs browsers to remember the cookie until they are restarted.
If the Session ID changes for the same browser, then either the browser was restarted between the two requests, or it is configured to not support cookies.
If the above information does not help you solve the problem, please send us a link to the offending page.  In your email please also specify the version of FoxWeb you are using.

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Sent by Rich on 10/09/2003 09:03:02 PM:
I'm getting a new SessionID number within a single browser session sporadically.
I've built a "Login" webpage.  The SessionId is noted at each call of the login process to see how many invalid logins are attempted in one session.  If too many invalid attempts are made then an error page is shown.
Each invalid attempt is stored in a .DBF.  If more than 5 attempts are made within the same SessionID then an error page is shown.
But each login attempt is *sometimes* given a new SessionID number.  Sometimes it works and the session id is consistent as it should be, and other times a new session ID is generated by FoxWeb in the same browser session for each login attempt.
Here is a sample from me hitting the "Login" button repeatedly in the same browser session:
DateTime                     SessionID
10/09/03 10:51:05 PM   12F1CZ86Y1
10/09/03 10:51:06 PM   12F1CZ8YM1
10/09/03 10:51:07 PM   12F1CZ9QS1
10/09/03 10:51:08 PM   12F1CZAGN1
10/09/03 10:51:09 PM   12F1CZBB01
10/09/03 10:51:10 PM   12F1CZCGD1
10/09/03 10:51:11 PM   12F1CZD3H1
10/09/03 10:51:12 PM   12F1CZDT81
10/09/03 10:51:13 PM   12F1CZEFA1
10/09/03 10:51:14 PM   12F1CZFDH1
10/09/03 10:51:15 PM   12F1CZGJ71