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Do you really mean "redirect", or do you mean "direct the content of a link to a new window?"
Redirecting typically means that the Web server returns code, which instructs the browser to request a different URL (either from the same, or a different Web server), instead of displaying a page.  By definition, redirection always returns results in the same window, but you could use JavaScript code instead to load a URL in a different window or frame.
Specifying the target window of a link, such as a banner ad, is different.  Links and forms by default return server output to the same window, or frame, but this can be controlled by adding a TARGET clause in the FORM or A tag.  The target clause can also be changed after the page is served, using simple JavaScript code.
It is really difficult for me to picture exactly what you are trying to achieve and what FoxWeb's role will be in your plans.  Please be a little more specific, so that we can be of greater assistance.

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Sent by Joe Bigelow on 10/10/2003 09:53:27 AM:
Is there any way to include something that says to redirect to a new window?
I'm trying to use VFP & Foxweb in creating my banner rotation system. This requires me to evaluate, based on cookies, where to send the person. In some instances I need to send them to a new web site in a new window when I am in a framed environment within my own site.
My alternative is to put the whole thing within a javascript on the page, but I've discovered the performance hit between accessing fox from a java script and just having the fwx calls on the page is substantial.
This is only a problem in a "random" situation where I don't know what is being displayed until it is displayed.
My only alternative is to always say that all banners when clicked lead to a new window and put that into the A HREF call. Not sophisticated enough I think.
Any ideas? Thanks!
Joe Bigelow