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Is there any way to include something that says to redirect to a new window?
I'm trying to use VFP & Foxweb in creating my banner rotation system. This requires me to evaluate, based on cookies, where to send the person. In some instances I need to send them to a new web site in a new window when I am in a framed environment within my own site.
My alternative is to put the whole thing within a javascript on the page, but I've discovered the performance hit between accessing fox from a java script and just having the fwx calls on the page is substantial.
This is only a problem in a "random" situation where I don't know what is being displayed until it is displayed.
My only alternative is to always say that all banners when clicked lead to a new window and put that into the A HREF call. Not sophisticated enough I think.
Any ideas? Thanks!
Joe Bigelow