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This error means that FoxWeb could not find a subdirectory called ContactMine2 under the FoxWeb Program Root.  By default, FoxWeb creates this directory in c:\Program Files\FoxWeb\Programs and sets the Program Root, so that it points to this folder.  If you have changed your FoxWeb Program Root in the FoxWeb Control Center, you will also need to move the ContactMine2 folder to the new location.

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Sent by Jose on 10/06/2003 10:58:40 AM:
I have configured IIS (V5.1 on Windows xp), when i want to execute the next link on IE http://localhost/ContactMine2/contact.fwx, can you help me ?, thanks a lot
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Message: The directory specified in the URL does not exist, or is inaccessible