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VFP's RUN command should be able to call any Windows executable file, including pkzip.  There's no way for us to know what's happening in this case, because we don't have enough information.  My suggestion is to try your code within an interactive VFP session, outside FoxWeb.  Once it works, simply plug it into your FoxWeb script.
Another alternative would be to use a zip COM object, such as Info-ZIP's zip32.dll.  I do not have experience using this object, but have heard that it works great with Web-based applications.

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Sent by Gregg on 09/29/2003 12:26:36 PM:
I am trying to run pkzip (command line options) from within foxweb (using run or !) and nothing is happening.  I can successfully run other DOS commands, etc.
What am I doing wrong?