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Thie line of code works well in he command window I just found out but not when running the web application. However, I failed to install VF8 on the server so the server is still running VFP7. This may be the problem. So:
1. Should I unstall VFP 7 from the server before installing VFP 8?
2. Or, should I just put VFP runtime on the server (which files are they?)
Any help would be appreciated.
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 09/25/2003 10:42:06 PM:
I just installed VFP 8 and ran across the following problem.
The line of code:
always worked in VFP 7 but now after I opened the project under VFP 8 I get the following error:
Error #:      107
Message: Operator/operand type mismatch.
Program: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\refer\manageclients.fxp
Line #: 101

I tried many variations on this code and it just seems to not do string contenation any longer. Can anyone tell me why this is now tossing out an error please?