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Your message does not provide any indication of the number of requests required to complete each order, or the complexity of the code involved.  Are users going to use the site to also browse the available products?  How will you handle credit-card processing?
In any case, a well-written FoxWeb application on even a mid-range server should be able to serve many requests per second.  This means that it should easily be able to handle the requirements you described in your message.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 09/18/2003 05:09:06 AM:
I have a client who is thinking of setting-up a simple web-based order application which I would like to implement using VFP and FoxWeb.  One concern he has is whether Foxweb could handle the anticipated traffic.  At its peak (ie. as Christmas approaches) we expect to handle around 3000-4000 orders a day (which I calculate to be 2-3 orders/minute).
I maintain that with well-designed web-pages and VFP processing code, we should be able to cope, but I would like to know what other Foxweb users think, what their experiences are with high-volume sites (is this high-volume?), and what are the pitfalls I should look out for.
Any help would be appreciated.