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I have a problem with Foxweb 1.29 :
I use a script which upload Files from Clients to the Server. Here is a part of my script :
html_out = 'content-type=text/html'
    +'<form ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" method post action=save@chargefile?>'
    <input type="file" name="fichier" size=40 value="">
Here is my procedure save:
Proc save
   W_fichier= formfield("fichier")
   W_file = formfield("fichier", ,2)
   W_type = formfield("fichier", ,3)
   W_rep = 'c:\temp\'
   W_res = WriteFile("&W_rep.image\&W_file",W_fichier)
   If !W_res
      html_out = procedureError
These scripts work very well, here. But At client's home, I have this error when the file to upload is more than 200 ko :

Error in CGI data Server

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

   Error #: 0
   Message: Error in FoxWeb Foundation Program
   Program: FoxWeb



Foxweb is working on Windows NT4 Workstation.

Can somebody help me ?