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Curious thing, the Program Root directory is still there but when I attempt to browse to it within the Program Root column in the FoxWeb Control Panel the directory listing does not include the currently specified Program Root Directory.  For some reason it does not see it from here.  Any sugestions as to why?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 09/02/2003 07:24:09 PM:
FoxWeb attempts to set the current directory to the Program Root directory as defined in the FoxWeb Control Center before every hit.  Either this setting was changed to point to a non-existent location, or the directory was deleted accidentally.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Lynn Evans on 09/02/2003 03:04:11 PM:
We have a FoxWeb app that a departed programmer wrote that was running just fine.
Suddenly it has started generating a FoxWeb Foundation Program Script error in the log.  Error 202 Invalid path or file name.  Line 135 SET DEFAULT TO (Request Program Root).
We must have changed something somewhere but I have looked and am unable to put my finger on it. 
Any suggestions?
Lynn Evans