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This is how we handle this programmatically. You might be able to start with this conceptually and run with it. The key here is RETURN-PATH
1. First, add a RETURN-PATH header to the email that is something like This is not the REPLY address, it is a special header used by mail servers to return the message if there is an error in delivering it. Next step is really dependent on your setup. You just need to find a way to get the messages that come back to that RETURN-PATH address and process them. In our case the mail server allows for user-agents that fire whenever a message comes into the box. Our undeliverable box calls the agent (written in Foxpro no less) with the filepath of the message. We can then open the message file and look at the reason for the return. IE: over quota or mailbox doesnt exist. We also added a custom header to the mail message like X-RecordID that is actually the unique key into the table of registrants. Then we can simply act accordingly by deleting the record or whatever.
Jack Evans
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 04/30/2003 06:48:32 PM:
Hello. I have a FWX page that uses ASPEMAIL code to send a thank you email to a visitor who registers on my web site. The outgoing email goes through MDaemon. As many may guess, some visitors do not use their correct email address. Is there a way, a quick way, to validate the email address through ASPMAIL or FoxWeb before I add the visitor to the database giving the visitor access to private portions of my web stite. Any help would be appreciated.