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Do you get a similar problem when you try uploading a file from another browser with a faster connection, or does the problem only occur from the slower connection?  In my calculations, it would take about 8 minutes to upload a 2MB file to a server over a 33 kbps connection.
What is the exact error message that you receive in the browser when the upload fails?  If possible paste the return page in a post, or email us a screen capture.

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Sent by Daniel Hernandez on 08/05/2003 04:38:24 PM:
Hi, I just upgrade my version from 2.11 to 2.5 to solve that problem, y set the Script Timeout to 200 secs, the session timeout to 20 min. and still having the problem, after 5 minuts, the browser return an error page, I are using a Windows 2000 server english version, the problem was that I develop a webmail for one of my customers and finish 3 weeks ago, and the customer can not upload more than 2 mb files with a modem to attach to an email.
foxweb have a solution for that?