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The correct procedure for accessing remote resources from FoxWeb scripts is to run the FoxWeb service under an account that has rights on the remote server and use UNC notation.  Mapping a drive to the remote resource works OK sometimes, but it is not consistent.
For details please refer to the Accessing Remote Resources section of the Operating the FoxWeb Server topic in the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Ronald Olds on 08/01/2003 01:24:09 PM:
I have a file server that I am trying to make a connection to from a new webserver. My existing web server is being replaced with this new one, but I can not seem to make a connection to the file server. On the existing web server, I used the command 'net use f:\\fox_main /user:nsi\foxwebuser password /persistent:yes'. This allows me to map the directory to drive f: and it works fine, I can connect to any table I ned to. When I use this same command on the new server, the drive is mapped also, but when I ty to use a table on drive f:, I get a file access is denied error. I can open foxpro on that same web server and try to use the very same table with success, what am I missing?
Both servers are win2000