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Have you tried rebooting your server since the problem started?  Also, have you installed any new software in the last few days?
It would be helpful if you could send us additional information about your server, operating system and version of FoxWeb.  Please complete the questions listed in, which cover the above information.
One last suggestion:  If you have not yet upgraded to FoxWeb 2.5, we highly recommend that you do so immediatelly.  This version is 100% compatible with FoxWeb 2.1 (and 2.0) and contains a number of improvements that will improve the stability and speed of your server.

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Sent by Steve on 07/23/2003 06:29:18 PM:
I have been running my FoxWeb program for over a year and I just started getting this message yesterday.  I have gotten it three times in two days.  People cannot access my program while this is happening and I have been forced to reboot the server.  Does anyone know what this message means and how to fix it?