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If you are not running FoxWeb as a service, you can see the channel status by double-clicking on the FoxWeb icon in the tray area of your task-bar (next to the clock).
If FoxWeb is running as a service (or not), you can view channel status in a browser, by calling the internal script show_channels.fwx:
Another technique that would help you identify problem scripts would be for you to insert code in fw_exit and fw_enter, logging execution times for each request.  At a minimum you would need to log the start and end times, as well as Request.ServerVariables("PATH_INFO").

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Sent by D Divens on 07/16/2003 10:00:52 AM:
I recently installed FoxWeb 2.5 from an older version. One thing we had become quite accustomed to is monitoring the channels to see which ones were busy or ready. This helped us identify problems with code causing channels to hang or create an unusually long process time.
How do you 'watch' the channels with the new version?